For how many persons?

VINORAMA is a new type of Wine Tasting during which we taste the wines and rate them!                                                                                                                  

VINORAMA is also the opportunity to compare wines made in 2 different countries!


We will have 10 wines to taste - representing 5 types of wines. And for each type, you will taste 1 Spanish and 1 Portuguese wine.

Thus, you will rate and decide which country provides the best wines!

Each wine will be blind tasted first, so you concentrate on the aromas and then, we will uncover the bottles and I will shortly explain you about what you drink.

At the end of the tasting, after you have sipped 10 wines, rated them, compared them, filled your stomach with some snacks, met many nice winelovers, compared your experiences and have had fun, I will announce the (now) traditional lottery from which a lucky winner will go home with a(nother) bottle of wine!

ENTRANCE fee is ONLY 20€ pro Person at the location and 18€ online for you Members!

and by purchasing a ticket in advance here on WEIN-KOLLEKTION.DE , you get a chance to WIN A FREE TICKET to our Christmas wine event!

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    Holger (Mittwoch, 04 November 2015)

    Hi Loic, hi André!
    I will pass by with a friend and wine-lover from Barcelona! We will be very happy to refresh our memories about portugues and spanish wines!
    See you this evening.


  • #2

    Loic (Mittwoch, 04 November 2015 14:53)

    Hi Holger!
    Long time not see!!! Ich freue mich!