Mittwoch den 5. DEZEMBER 2018 - 19:00~22:00

Champagne & Dine!

Meet Us @ La Fourchette Tricolore

Champagne & Dine is a private dinner with Champagne pairing!

Come join us for a 3 Courses Dinner prepared by Madame Schiller!

Champagne pairing with explanations by Loic Carlier


Here is the Menu:


Huitres gratinés

(Gratinated Oyster)                                            +Champagne pairing

Galantine d'Oie fourrée , Chou Rouge, Pommes & Marrons   

(Goose course à la Francaise)                         +Champagne pairing

Buche de Noel aux marrons

(Christmas Cake)                                               +Champagne pairing


                                     +Caribbean Liqueur from the Martinique 

Ab 49€/Person

12 Personen max.

How many people?

Every ticket includes a 10€ Voucher on your further purchase of minimum 100€ wine (15€ for 2 persons tickets)